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oragnicfair ultimate 'que spice rub organicfair mythic mole organic spice rub organicfair cow bay seafood spice
Every Pitmaster has their secret signature rub.  We are serious BBQ fans and this is our much begged for, super complex, mouth wateringly delicious, all purpose, go to BBQ rub. From our kitchen to your grill this rub works for all proteins and can be added to BBQ sauces to further flavour. Mythic mole poblano, the traditional savory chocolate sauce of Mexico is difficult to make but easy to enjoy.  Rich and complex, this spice rub is the spirit of mole, easy to use easy to enjoy.  Try it on your favorite protein or delicious simply on corn on the cob.  The possibilities are endless!  Chocolate for bet! Cow Bay is our quaint seaside neighbour which is also a mecca of wonderful food. This spice blend is meant to highlight our ocean's bounty with a depth of flavour and a kick of heat in the southern seafood tradition. Try it in a crab boil with lemons and garlic, crusted onto Spot prawns, mixed into cornmeal for fried oysters, dusted on fish or even sprinkled onto fresh corn.We love it on everything y'all.
organicfair herbes de provence spice rub organicfair za'atar organic spice blend
Herbes de Provence is the fragrant taste of summer.  It adds sophistication and an herb garden's work of complexity to simple dishes.  Dress up a roast chicken, pork, salmon, coat fresh chevre, mix into a vinaigrette for salad, or toss with roasted potatoes.  This is a very multipurpose and delicious spice blend.  Bon Appetit! Za'atar is an ancient and iconic spice blend enjoyed across the Middle East. This blend is used as an all purpose seasoning salt on virtually everything like flatbreads, hummus, rubbed onto meats, sprinkled on vegetables, dusted onto rice or mixed into yogurt.